We accept customer artwork that meets the following criteria:

  • We accept rasterized (or Photoshop) file art, however we highly prefer artwork to be in vector format. Common vector format file types are ai., eps., and pdf.

  • When providing vector files, please note to convert fonts to outlines for all text used.

  • If you are providing a rasterized file type such as a png., jpeg., or psd. it must be at least 300 dpi in resolution.

If the artwork submitted does not meet the above criteria, then our graphic designer will need to recreate the file, and a $30.00 design fee will be added to your final invoice.

If you have a design idea, but don't quite know how to create it, we are happy to work with you and make something amazing.  Our graphic design rate is $40/hour, and an average job takes 1 - 2 hours.

Please contact us here for questions about your next custom screen print order.


For questions about contract printing and pricing please contact us.

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Is there a minimum order quantity for screen print orders?

Yes, our order minimum policy for screen print orders is 12 pieces per design setup. If the order is less than 12 pieces per design setup, then an additional setup fee will be applied to the invoice.

What is the turnaround time for screen print orders?

Our standard turnaround time is within two weeks from order placement.  Depending on order size, complexity, and time of year the delivery date may extend past the 2-week timeframe, however this is extremely unlikely, and will be discussed prior to order placement.

Does the shirt cost decrease as order volume increases?

Yes, the cost to print 500 shirts on a per shirt basis is less than the cost of printing 100 shirts on a per shirt basis.


How many colors can my design have for screen printing?

Our printing presses are capable of printing up to 6 colors per design.

Does the shirt cost increase with the addition of colors in the design?

Yes, printing a single color design is more cost effective than printing a multi-color design. If a 1-color design requires a base ink layer to provide for a brighter look (usually with dark garments), then it will be considered a 2-color design.

How does the number of print locations effect the cost per shirt?

The more print locations, the more costly the order will be on a per shirt basis. The average customer has a two-location design with a logo on the front and a design on the back. However, we also do sleeve prints, tag prints, and other custom location prints.

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